• What You'll LOVE About Having a Virtual Assistant

    It’s that time of year again – the dreaded Valentine’s Day. Expensive meals. Overpriced flowers. The high expectations. The day that should be a celebration of love and meaningful relationships can also sometimes feel like a source of stress in our lives. And that’s why a lot of people prefer to go it alone and celebrate solo. But “going it solo” isn’t always the best plan in your business.

    So, maybe the relationship you’ll want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day is the one you have with your virtual assistant! And if you don’t have one, it may be time to find one.

    1. Hiring a virtual assistant will likely save you money.

    But how? Well, for starters – your time is valuable! And you need to really do the math when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant. Think about it. If you took those small tasks like answering e-mails, doing paperwork, taking calls from tenants, and scheduling maintenance visits, and instead outsourced them to your virtual assistant you could buy yourself hours upon hours of extra time a week.

    What might you do with that time? You would be free to take on additional clients that would likely be paying much higher prices than what your virtual assistant would charge you. So, you’d be likely to save money this month, unlike during that 10-course dinner with your significant other this February 14th.

    1. Delegating to a virtual assistant is easier than hiring an employee.

    You may think that the answer for your busy real estate company is to hire another full-time employee, but more often than not that approach limits your options. Recruiting, and hiring, full-time employees can be time consuming and expensive. The beauty of bringing on a virtual assistant is that you can hire someone only when you need them, you only have to pay them for the work you absolutely need, and it’s much easier to terminate the relationship if it isn’t the right fit.

    Just like some choose to casually date over the diamond ring and the picket fence, the non-committal aspects of the virtual assistant relationship can prove beneficial for someone not quite ready to make the leap into full-time employment.

    1. Bringing on a virtual assistant will prevent you from burning out in your business.

    Just like a meaningful relationship can be a source of comfort and support for you, a virtual assistant can give you the help you need to stay afloat in your business. It’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed or burnt out but a virtual assistant can take on those tedious or less-than-desirable tasks you hate so much.

    Just like you love that your partner prefers to do the cooking while you do the dishes, a virtual assistant can help you in those areas of your business that prove to be the most frustrating for you.

    So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or just underwhelmed with some of the projects on your plate, it may be time to hire a virtual assistant for your busy property management company, and Hands On Tap can help! Forget the flowers and candy this February 14th, give yourself the gift of a virtual assistant to help make your business, and maybe even your relationship, stronger!