• What Can Virtual Assistant Actually Do


    Real estate can be a rewarding career. It can also be overwhelmingly busy and stressful. That’s why we are lucky there are so many incredible virtual assistants! A real estate virtual assistant can help tackle the administrative work so you can focus on clients, and running your business.

    Finding a kickass virtual assistant to join the team is like striking gold. Most people in the real estate business need a hand managing social media, updating listings, completing paperwork, scheduling appointments, etc. However, before you start throwing out tasks left and right, think about how you could use the help. Here are seven jobs your virtual assistant can tackle.

    Screen Listings
    Real estate agents and investors don’t have the time to click through hundreds of pages of MLS listings, contact private sellers, and get the details for a newly listed property. Maybe you’re looking for properties with east-facing windows on a quiet street. Or all the available buildings within a five-mile radius of a client’s favorite restaurant and situated on the main bus line, or with a white picket fence. Whatever the property requirements, a trusty virtual assistant can use their time and careful attention to pull out only those that fit the checklist.

    Advertise Properties
    All you property managers and landlords out there–it’s time to take a huge sigh of relief.  Why? A virtual assistant is ready to create and run paper and online ads for your vacant units. They can find publications that allow small businesses and individual contractors to run ads for free, as well as advertise on your company’s social media pages. Both will save you loads of time and money. You never have to think about where to post an ad for your cozy two bedroom apartment or upscale loft. A virtual assistant has got you covered, and you’ll fill the vacant unit in no time. They can even answer calls & emails for you, passing along messages or only the prospects you want

    Update Listings
    It is no small task to update listings! It’s tedious and time-consuming and needs constant attention. A virtual assistant can lend a hand by entering data into big systems like MLS. They can write a description of the specs and details, edit photos, upload the posting to your website, and advertise on social media. Perhaps they can even craft an email template for the listing that can be quickly sent to prospects when they contact you for more information (of course, you provide final sign-off on templates).

    Answer the Phone
    A virtual assistant can take on the massive task of taking messages, answering routine questions, and even relaying critical information to specific callers. There are many people out there who will tell you to automate this task. However, we think it takes out the personal touch you want in a real estate business. A live receptionist overcomes technology limitations. Your clients and company will benefit from a friendly human voice on the other end of the line. While you’re occupied with another client and unable to answer the phone, a virtual assistant is providing excellent customer service and will be happy to pass along the message. You don’t want to lose a potential client because someone else answered the phone and you didn’t.

    Manage Appointments

    There will always be clients emailing and trying to reschedule appointments up until the last minute. It’s not a huge deal, except for when you have back to back showings and are overwhelmed with other work. A virtual assistant can reschedule with clients, other agents, or contractors to keep your calendar conflict-free.

    Research Buyer and Seller Leads

    You’re getting ready to meet a new client, and you want to leave an outstanding impression. It would be crazy for you to be scrolling through their Linkedin profile and clicking through albums on Facebook, so you put a virtual assistant up to a little investigating. A quick Google search these days is enough to give you an idea with you’re dealing with. Which is their favorite sports team? Are they married with kids or single? Do they like to travel? How often do they entertain? A virtual assistant can get the scoop on the client, and you’ll be able to strike up a conversation and build a bond.

    Get Buyer Feedback
    It’s an excellent practice to always reach out to your buyers directly for feedback. While it’s an easy (and useful) gesture, it’s also another time gobbler. You can set a virtual assistant to the task to get honest feedback from your buyers–having a third party do this might even get you some more honest feedback.

    Find a virtual assistant you trust. Handing off responsibilities will shave hours off of your work week, erase unnecessary stress, and improve your business.